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Meta Trader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular charting and analysis software in use by traders of all levels. Because it gives traders all the powerful tools and features they need to react to markets with lightning speed. Not only does MT4 have all the charting and analysis capability that any trader could wish for, it combines that with immediate order execution right from the chart. This means traders get the best price and fewer requites.

Charting Tools and Indicators - You will find all the popular indicators and charting tools already preloaded right into MetaTrader, making your analysis accurate and fast. Plus, you can even load custom designed indicators that allow you to automate your trading.

Speed of Analysis and Trading - Thanks to all the powerful tools loaded into MT4, it has never been easier or faster to analyze a situation and take action. It's the perfect charting package, even for scalpers who need super-fast data and execution.

Simple Order Entry - MetaTrader 4 is well known for its ease of use and intuitive interface. It offers traders multiple methods for opening and closing trades, even right from the chart. All the data you need to take action is included right in the simple to understand user interface.


MT4 Mobile

Mobile trading allows you to effectively manage your time and increase your personal commitment to your trading plan; without disrupting your private life. Use your mobile phone to trade during time that would previously have been wasted. Whenever you are in a queue, waiting room, on public transport, taking a break from work, or stuck in a tedious social situation, you can login to AXNFX and begin trading.

The markets are in action 24 hours a day and react almost instantly to global events. With mobile trading you are never more than a couple of seconds away from your AXNFX account and have the trading platform - literally - in the palm of your hand. Mobile trading gives you the power to respond rapidly to movement in the forex markets and take advantage of sudden opportunities. Get the latest market reports, updates and analysis straight to your mobile phone and trade immediately from any location on the planet that has full network coverage. Access the free AXNFX MT4 Mobile Trading Platform and maximize every trading opportunity.


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